Are you soon visiting a German speaking country and would like to learn the most important sentences to get around?
Or, are you moving to Switzerland, Austria or Germany and would like to get a head start?
Would you like to improve your or your child’s German skills? 

Or did you move here from a German speaking country and would like to support your children in making progress in their native language?

Whatever your motivation is, learning a new language or improving language skills you already have, is both exciting and challenging.
I have been a teacher for almost 20 years, and will support you exactly at the level you're at.

During your time with me you'll improve your:
  • speaking abilities
  • reading skills
  • listening comprehension
  • and writing competency

I'm teaching children and adults of all ages in private or group lessons.
I offer online classes or-one-on one tutoring. 
Contact me today if you would like to find out more.

​What my students say 

​"Andi is a fantastic teacher! I've learned more in just a few lessons with her than over a year of daily self study. She is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with her teaching method. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning how to read, write and speak the German language."
- Shaunt D., Simi Valley

"I’ve been trying to learn German on my own for several years with the use of tapes and books, but other than learning a lot of vocabulary words, I really couldn’t put sentences together.  Andi has really helped me understand the basics of the language and even coaxed me through the grammar.  I really appreciate the well planned out lessons tailored to my particular interests which keeps me excited about learning more.  I can highly recommend Andi and know you will enjoy her fun nature and engaging personality."
- Bob P., Moorpark

"I really wanted to provide my kids with foreign language education. My 10 year old son begrudgingly chose to learn German.  I had very basic German language skills after living in Switzerland for a short time and wanted to keep growing.  We decided to undertake German study together.  Andi has been the perfect teacher for us! She has enthusiastically accepted the challenge to provide both of us with growth opportunities at our individual levels. She uses fun games to illustrate concepts and creates engaging speaking and writing exercises that work for both of us despite our differences.  She is very patient and kind, creating a safe environment for exploring, asking questions, going deeper into a concept where there is an interest. My son is excited to study and loves going to class each week.  I’m thrilled with our progress and wholeheartedly recommend Andi as a teacher!"
- Kristi H., Newbury Park

Andi is very nice and understanding, and she puts a lot of effort into each of her lessons. Wonderful teacher!
- Kristina M., Newbury Park

I have had the pleasure of working with Andi for a couple of months now, during which I have been impressed with her style of teaching. Andi makes it fun and relaxing, no pressure and of course her patience. Above all I feel I have made good progress in our two months working together. Andi would be a great asset for anyone who is looking for a German teacher whether a beginner or advanced student.
- Erika T., Camarillo